Uniform Time

From Monday 2nd of November onwards we expect pupils to wear their full uniform.

Junior and Senior Infants wear school tracksuits and white polo shirts. Our pupils from  1st class onwards wear

  • Grey trousers / skirt /pinafore
  • Wine jumper or cardigan ( this does not need to be crested )
  • Grey shirt
  • Black /grey tights or  black/grey /white socks
  • Black or brown  shoes or boots.  Black runners can be worn if doing the Daily Mile
  • School tie
  • In colder weather  a warm layer under the school uniform is recommended. as classrooms will need to be ventilated  more this winter.
  • All children spend at least 45 minutes outdoors so a coat is essential. For safety reasons scarves are not allowed in the yard. Hoodies are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn as an alternative to the school jumper or sweatshirt.
  • We ask that pupils do not wear necklaces, hooped or dangling ear rings, bracelets, nail varnish or make up.
  • Longer hair must be tied back
  • Tracksuits are only worn on PE days. During school term there may be an additional tracksuit day, when cricket, rugby or GAA is on. This is usually  for 6 to 8 weeks at a time.