Tuesday 9th Brrrrrrrrrr!



Tuesday 9th Feb

🎼And that auld triangle went jingle-jangle
All along the banks of the Royal Canal.🎼

What a little gem I discovered today boys and girls! I took a wander down past the tennis club and walked over the long footbridge that crosses the M50.

Just over the bridge I came across the 12th lock of the Royal Canal. The lock is used to raise and lower boats along the different levels of the canal. The canal was built to bring people and freight from Dublin all the way to Longford. Canals are different to rivers in that canals are man made.

Nowadays the Royal Canal is mostly used for leisure. Some of the animals that call the Royal Canal and its banks home are foxes ,badgers, hedgehogs  otters, herons and lots of smaller birds that live in the hedgerows.

The building you see in the background is now an apartment block but it was once a mill that employed over 100 people.

Some questions for you:

Have you ever walked along the Royal Canal?

How many counties does the Royal Canal pass through?

What kind of boats use the canal?