Secondary School Shortages

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I wish to bring to your notice the growing disquiet among the St. Brigid’s N.S. community regarding admission to secondary schools. This issue has been with us for the past few years but it seems to have reached a crisis point this September.


In recent times, our local secondary schools have struggled to accommodate the huge numbers that apply to them each year. As a result, many parents are being forced to apply to private schools (which in many cases are also heavily oversubscribed) or to accept places in schools outside our local community.


This summer, applicants for September 2019 to Castleknock College (a fee paying school) far outnumbered the available places which resulted in many families being disappointed. Mount Sachville (another fee paying school) is also grossly oversubscribed for September 2019. Given the numbers applying for Castleknock Community College, I expect that many applicants will be disappointed when refusal letters are received later this month.  The only other local option for many parents is the new Edmund Rice Secondary school and while many have been very impressed by the management and ethos of the school, they are reluctant to commit to it as they do not know where it will be located eventually.

The Board of Management and Parent Teacher Association of our school strongly believe that the new Edmund Rice College must be built in Castleknock. A possible site had been identified in the Phoenix Park racecourse and we understand that St. Brigid’s GAA club are happy to share their facilities.  We see the building of this secondary school in the immediate vicinity of Castleknock village as the only solution to the current problem. We also believe that this decision should be published immediately in order the allay pupil anxiety and to help parents make informed choices.


This problem is a sixth  class problem now but without a local secondary school it will impact on all pupils eventually. We ask you to contact your local T.D.s and public representatives to make them aware of your concerns regarding the secondary school education of children from St. Brigid’s and the Castleknock area.


Denis Courtney.


September 26th 2018