School Tour Policy

School tours provide a wonderful and quite often memorable learning experience for children, it is an opportunity for them to not only discover new sights and sounds in an unfamiliar environment, but also develop a flair for investigation, the ability to make decisions, lead a group or sometimes just to have that bit of independence they don’t necessarily get in the classroom. Unfortunately, where there is fun and adventure, there are normally risks to accompany it. Safety is as always our main concern.

Before the tour

  1. School tours, educational visits, field trips or nature walks that involve teachers and children leaving the school grounds should firstly be approved by the Principal.
  2. The teachers will research the venue prior to the visit to ensure it is reputable, competent and safe . The venue should be suitable for all pupils. Teachers should be aware of any extra risks associated with the venue e.g. if near water or traffic. The safest place to embark and disembark should be agreed with the venue and driver.
  3. Children will be issued with an itinerary and written consent form which must be returned to the school signed, in order for a pupil to participate. This consent form will include permission for any medical treatment that may be required and should state
  • the venue and date
  • departure and return times
  • the correct clothing to wear and bring
  • the type of lunch needed
  • the importance of sun protection
  • where to collect children afterwards
  1. The School Code of Behaviour applies on all tours. In certain circumstances a pupil and parents may be asked to sign a promise of good behaviour prior to the tour. If it is felt a child’s conduct would pose a safety threat for self or others the school may refuse that child permission to travel
  2. The preferred method of payment is online. However no child will be excluded from a tour if unable to meet the cost.

On the Tour

  1. School tracksuits/shorts must be worn.
  2. A packed lunch will be brought by each child on the day. Treats will be agreed beforehand. Reminder no nuts.
  3. No spending money will be allowed.
  4. Mobile phones or digital devices are not allowed.
  5. If any parents are accompanying the class, they are requested not to take photos.
  6. On the bus pupils must sit in their seats facing forward with their seatbelts on and avoid behaviour that would distract the driver. Special care should be taken getting on and off the bus.
  7. Pupils must stay with their buddy or in their assigned groups throughout the tour.
  8. No child should leave the venue even if accompanied by a parent or guardian. If a parent needs to collect their child from the venue, this must be agreed with the supervising teacher in advance.
  9. If the tour returns to school within the normal school hours, children will return to their classrooms and be released as normal. When tours return after school, the teacher should bring all pupils into the 2nd class to be collected. For safety reasons children should NOT BE COLLECTED in the church carpark .