Safety in the Car Park

Please read the following letter  from Ms.Helen Spillane, Chairperson of the Board of Management.

Dear Parent/Guardians,

The safety of pupils at the school entrance and in the church car park has become a serious issue for us in St. Brigid’s. It has been discussed at recent staff meetings and at Board of Management meetings. The manner in which some adults park at both places and the speed at which they drive through the church car park is causing a serious risk to pupils coming and leaving our school. We are particularly concerned for children stepping out between parked cars onto the path of oncoming traffic – we ask parents to be vigilant for the unexpected child rushing out suddenly in the school vicinity.

We believe that, unless drivers dropping off and collecting children change their driving habits, a child could be seriously injured.

We need your support to protect all our children.  Please:

  • Drive SLOWLY and with care through the car park
  • Follow the ONE-WAY SYSTEM (arrows) in the church car park
  • Adhere to DOUBLE YELLOW-LINE and yellow box restrictions
  • Park ONLY in designated parking bays in the Church car park
  • Do not park or stop alongside the school railings at the Church car park
  • Use the set-down area for very brief stops

Furthermore, when parking in adjacent roads, please

  • Respect our neighbours’ right to access their drive-ways without inconvenience

Please, accept these suggestions as a genuine effort to guard against accidents or injury in the school vicinity.  By working together, we can all contribute to pupil safety.

Yours faithfully,

Helen Spillane

Chairman B.O.M.