Rainbows Closing Date

The closing date for the return of all forms is this Thursday 27th October

We are very pleased to inform you that we will be offering the Rainbows programme to pupils in our school from 1st class to 6th class who may have experienced a bereavement or family change following parental separation over the coming months.

While Rainbows is not counselling or professional therapy, the nine-week programme can provide a safe space of meaningful listening support for young people at difficult times in their lives. Meeting others of a similar age and in a similar situation can be very supportive and helpful for young people. All of our Rainbows facilitators are teachers in our school who have undertaken training in their own time.

If you are interested in applying on behalf of your son or daughter, please complete the linked Expression of Interest form below and drop it into the school office in a sealed envelope marked “Rainbows Application”. It is hoped that the programmes will start in November/December.

Our Rainbows Coordinator, Mrs. Melissa Stokes, will contact you with an enrolment form following receipt of your expression of interest. If you require any further information on the Rainbows programme, please do not hesitate to contact us at rainbows@saintbrigids.ie.

What is Rainbows?

Rainbows is a free, voluntary service for children and young people experiencing loss following bereavement and parental separation.
The Rainbows service is an inclusive service, supporting children and young people experiencing grief and loss resulting from bereavement/parental separation/parental relationship breakdown /divorce.
Attending the programme provides children with an opportunity to meet with other children of a similar age and loss experience at a minimum of 3 months after the loss.
It does not provide an individual one-to-one support service and does not provide counselling or a therapeutic level of intervention.
The service is not and cannot be considered a first response for a bereavement or loss that may be a more traumatic experience, e.g. murder, suicide, or car accident.

Rainbows Can

· Support a child to engage with their individual grief– to identify, name, understand, express and share their feelings
· Provide a safe setting to tell and retell feelings and thoughts with trained listeners
· Support children to have a shared experience and identification with others’ feelings… “I’m not the only one”
· Acknowledge a child’s grief and loss
· Support a child’s self-esteem, trust, confidence and resilience
· Support emotional growth and a pathway to positive mental health
· Provide a model of coping and support

Rainbows Cannot

Rainbows can sometimes be perceived as a service as a ‘One Size Fits All’ service, that is “better than nothing.”
Rainbows is a limited voluntary service. It is not therapy, professional counselling or clinical professional support.
Rainbows cannot,
· analyse or diagnose emotional or behavioural problems
· give advice or attempt to solve problems
· give opinions, pass comment, make judgements, take sides or criticise
· give reports, take notes, give feedback or evidence