Parent Teacher Meetings 2018

Please Note It is not possible to add siblings if you are using a phone. This seems to be a bug in the system which we will bring to the attention of the suppliers asap. Apologies for this inconvenience


Last year we  introduced an online booking system for the Parent Teacher Meetings. We are continuing with the same system this year.

The official days for the meetings are Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd  of November. All teachers will be available on these afternoons so if you have a few teachers to see, these would be the best days to select. It will be only possible to book an appointment with a support teacher on these days. 

To allow more choice and flexibility,  some class teachers can offer appointments on alternative evenings of the same week and some may also offer early morning appointments. However this will vary depending on each teacher’s commitments .

To make your bookings please go to this link  and add your details, your child’s name and his/her date of birth. Once logged in, you can then add other siblings and select your appointments.

Appointments can be booked and amended from Thursday 8th at 4pm to Thursday 15th at 8pm. 

If you experience any difficulties please email or phone us on 01 8214040