Our Mission

Our school is located in Castleknock , Dublin 15. We have a large staff of 61 which includes our principal, deputy principal, class teachers, learning support teachers and support staff. We have an enrolment of 930 pupils, divided into 32 classes. We are committed to the holistic development of all our pupils.

Our Mission
We are a Catholic primary school for the education of children from the parish of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, Castleknock. It is committed to the aims and principles of the revised curriculum (1999) and the Education Act(2001). St. Brigid’s N.S., in partnership with parents and community, seeks to enable pupils to discover and develop their talents and aptitudes in an environment permeated by Catholic values, so that they will be able to participate actively and responsibly in society and in the future.

More specifically, our mission aims to enable each child
To live a full life as a child and to realise his/her potential as a unique individual with his/her own particular aptitudes and talents
To enhance his/her self-esteem so that they will become sensitive, caring and responsible members of the community and society
To develop to the best of his/her ability in all aspects of school life and to respect the right of other children to do the same
To prepare for further education and life-long learning