Our Big Old World is Right Again

What a lovely poem by Ursula Dubosarsky

Australian Children’s Laureate 2020-2021      llustration by Jan Balet


There was a cough and then another
The little cat ran to her mother.

“What can we do?” “Well, wash your paws,”
Her mother said, “And all your claws.

“We’ll stay inside and shut the door.
You’ll laugh and hide and read and draw

“And think of all the games you’ll play!
You’ll sleep and eat and then one day…

“You’ll see the door is open wide –
The sun will shine, you’ll run outside –

“Just look at how I’ve grown!” you’ll say,
“Since all the time I’ve been away!”

So wash your paws and don’t feel blue
The little cat knows what to do

And wait until the morning when
Our big old world is right again.