Other Support Staff 20.21


In addition to our teaching staff we have sixteen other support staff that we would not be able to manage without.

  • Our School Secretary 

Ms. Abigail Mooney

  • Our Caretaker  

Mr. John Ivers

  • Our Housekeeper

Ms. Katie Korpius

  • Our Special Needs Assistants

  • Ms. Geraldine Healy
  • Ms. Margaret Moran
  • Ms. Ciara Noone
  • Ms. Joanne Harvey
  • Ms. Ingrid Grist
  • Ms. Monika Dabrowska
  • Ms. Catherine Kennedy
  • Ms. Anne Nolan
  • Ms. Claire Mooney
  • Ms. Aoife Gibson
  • Ms. Lorna O’ Sullivan
  • Ms. Anamarie Butean
  • Ms. Audrey Barron