Daily Refections – Monday

Today is the first day of Catholic Schools Week 2017.

This year we are learning with Pope Francis about caring for our common home.

Our common home is not just the community or the country we live in but our entire world. Caring for our common home is so important that Pope Francis wrote a letter to remind everyone about our responsibility to love and care for the earth.

Today we think of the beauty of the world that God created for us.1

Our world is a gift from God. From the shining sun to the twinkling stars, the deep blue seas and the snowy mountain tops……

God made it all.

From the colourful flowers to the beautiful animals.

God made it all. We can see the beauty of God’s world all around us if we stop and take a look.

When we take time to see the beauty of our world, we can learn how important it is and we can remember to thank God for the beauty of his creation.

Lord, help us to always see the beauty of our common home.