Minecraft Model of Our School – 6th class Ms. Fay

This year, Ms. Nicola Fay’s 6th class set themselves the challenge of re-creating St. Brigid’s National School in Minecraft.

They worked in teams as they planned and measured every inch of the school. They used trundle wheels and rulers to get exact measurements. They also took photos and used their knowledge of the school to re-create it block by block. Once they agreed on a scale which was two blocks per metre, they chose the materials and colours that they thought best matched each area.

Their journey to the finished product wasn’t smooth. They began their mammoth task in four teams constructing the four separate buildings. However, it became apparent to them that this approach wouldn’t work and they decided to go back to the drawing board. Collectively, they worked on each building and yard space in turn to create the final finished product. It took the full academic year but it is something the entire class are extremely proud of.

We hope you enjoy our Minecraft project!