Masked Reader Further Update

Day 3 saw The Fox read The Emperors Egg.  We think the clue was a little easier but not everyone got it right !  So far Monkey has had the most guesses.

The next video is of Bunny and the clue is a colour you hear a lot about in school !

Half of our pupils will be back in school on Monday 👏👏👏👏 . They won’t continue with learning at home but they will still need to watch and guess online ! Bunny has a great story about Farmer Duck.






We are now on Day 2 of the Masked Readers and what a response!  We are getting lots and lots of guesses.  Thanks to all the parents who are sharing the stories with their children.

Panda was a little hard !  Lots of guesses for all 4 options.

Today featured Monkey and 95% of the guesses were for one teacher… we aren’t saying who though !

Tomorrow sees  Fox reading the Emperor’s Egg.  Could Fox be a male teacher?   You will have to watch and listen carefully for the clue at the end.

Remember, you can still make a guess as to who Panda and Monkey are if you haven’t already… just one guess per pupil though!

Keep watching and remember the  masks come off on World Book Day … and the prize winners will be announced…

It could be You .