Local History Week begins!

Our Locality Week got off to a great start this morning when some 6th-class pupils visited classrooms to tell the children Monday’s Facts of the Day.

Here are today’s facts: 

Did you know that:
1). Castleknock was once covered in a massive forest called the Great Scaldwood, where wolves roamed freely
2). Castleknock comes from the Irish Caisleán Cnucha – Cnucha was a woman who lived in the area long ago and Caisleán after the castle that the Normans built. The ruins of the castle are now in Castleknock College.
3). In Castleknock long ago, people lived in caves; they hunted wild deer and pigs in the forests. Nowadays, it’s much easier to get food. You just have to pop into Lidl.
4). The water from the nearby River Liffey was used for drinking, and people also fished there


5). There was once a Viking battle in Castleknock. The Vikings were fearsome warriors, and they won the battle and stayed in Castleknock for over 200 years….maybe your great-great-great-great-great- great-great-great Grandfather was a Viking!!

Room 34 began the class visits to our “new” old classroom in reception, and they enjoyed sitting at the old desks.