Letters to Bridgie

I receive lots of  emails every day to my findingteddy@saintbrigids.ie  address.  I try to reply to them all but today I thought I would share a few with everyone.  I am so happy to see you all out and about visiting all my favourite places and some of you are even bringing your own teddies along.  I hope you are learning lots of interesting things about your locality.  Please keep sending me your pictures and drawings  for my bedroom wall.


Hi Teddy,
I visited the Phoenix park after you were there the other day. And I spotted a fox and I drew a picture of him for you. Hope you like it.
Charles Duffy
2nd class


Thank you for the stories about Bridgie.😊

Claire Feely
Junior Infants
Room 4
Miss Stack

Good afternoon Bridgie .

This is so true, we passed by the church everyday and never stop by.
Today I  decided to pay a visit while going for my  daily walk with my Dad.  It was indeed very peaceful and fun watching all the cars .
Good bye have fun with all the adventure.

 Hi Bridgie,

We expected you to get to Ashtown Castle sometime. We thought it was a good place to go to, it is very interesting.
We went inside once, we learned that each floor was only one room!
we went to all your other places as well, we look forward to your news every day
Have fun on your travels
Vanessa & Ruth
Following in Bridgie’s footsteps  !


Yassein 5th class