Letter to Parents/Guardians of Middle and Senior Class Pupils

Letter for Mr. Courtney to Parents of the  Middle and Senior Classes

As we look forward to a full return to school on March 15th, I wish to thank you for the commitment and support you gave to on-line learning since Christmas. It has been a testing time for parents, teachers and pupils but from our vantage point, the engagement, the quality of work and the commitment to learning from home has been outstanding across all age groups. Pupils responded so positively and enthusiastically to all the assignments and clearly built on their learning. Their endeavour and learning is a true testament to their resilience and work ethic.

Our third, fourth, fifth and sixth class pupils return to school on Monday. This is welcome news for parents, school staff and especially for the children but we understand that for some of you, there may be concerns about the risks involved. Whilst no one can absolutely guarantee that a return to school is risk free, the public health advice now states that it is safe for children to return to school. To minimise any risk, we are asking our school community to work together by adhering to the current level 5 restrictions and to our school’s Reopening Plan.

Over the past few weeks, we have reviewed the Department of Education guidelines and our own procedures. Our school Reopening Plan served the pupils, parents and staff very well last term and does not require huge adjustments. Please read the updated edition and the Frequently Asked Questions on the school app. The routines and timetables for drop-off and collection will remain unchanged. Our risk mitigation measures have been reviewed and updated. However, in view of the virulent nature of the new Covid 19 variants, we ask everyone to be particularly vigilant and for your co-operation especially with the following

  • Parents should not send a child to school if she/he is a close contacts of a person with COVID 19, is awaiting a test or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has travelled from another country in the previous 14 days.
  • Parents must complete a Return to School Parent Declaration Form on Aladdin from 3pm on  Sunday 14th March for children returning to school on March 15th  and thereafter after any absence from class
  •  All parents are required to wear a mask in the school grounds and in the vicinity of the school
  •  Pupils are asked to keep apart while waiting at the gates in the morning and go straight home after school.
  •  Parents are asked not to congregate at or near school and to keep at least 2m apart while waiting to drop-off or collect pupils.
  •  Children from first class up are asked to bring a wash-bag to school. Details are on the school app.
  •   All communication with the school must take place by phone, online or via the homework journal.
  • We ask all parents to check out our school app where you will find useful information and tips on our school reopening.

As with our younger pupils, your children will settle back to school surprisingly well and they will adjust to the school routines quickly. The children will enjoy meeting their classmates and teachers again and getting back to school work and learning. We wish everyone well for the full return to school and we look forward to working together in promoting safety and learning over the next few weeks.