Letter re Parent Teacher Meetings

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year the Parent-Teacher Meetings for our school will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, November 20th and 21st.. We look forward to having you visit the school and meet the teachers.

In order to provide parents with the most convenient time for them, we use an on-line appointment system. This system gives more control to parents and facilitates consecutive meetings for those with more than one child in school. Each appointment is 10 minutes long and we would ask all parents to keep to these timings. If you have a concern that may merit more time or discussion, it is best to arrange a meeting for this purpose at another time. We also ask that any queries relating to after-school activities, choir and team selection etc are best addressed by the relevant organising teachers.

We ask that you do not bring younger children to school or into these meetings as they often distract parents from the important discussions with teachers. Please make arrangements for your children to be collected from school and/or supervised by an adult while you are in your meetings.

The Parent Teacher Meeting is an important time to meet in a one to one setting where the focus is solely on your child. It is an opportunity to discuss your children’s education and happiness and to reflect on his/her overall growth and development. It is a chance for the teacher to learn more about your child in order that we can all work together for your child’s success. Furthermore, it lets your child know that you care about their progress and their school and this can be a very affirming event.

I would also like emphasise that you, as parents and guardians, know your child best. For this reason, we value your attendance and your views as part of a meaningful discussion on his/her overall education and personal development.  These meetings are also another prompt to celebrate your child’s uniqueness, his/her talents, abilities and personality. Whilst remaining mindful of any challenges or concerns, it is also an ideal opportunity to focus on their strengths and achievements and to build their self-esteem.

As many of you know, our STEM Room is now up and running after a major modernisation and investment over the summer holidays. If time permits, we would be pleased to have you visit and see this new learning space. Later in the year, we hope to have you back to see some of the amazing STEM projects that are a regular part of your child’s learning in St. Brigid’s.

I look forward to seeing you next week.

Yours sincerely,



Denis Courtney.