Letter from the Principal March 14th

Below is a copy of the email sent to parents/guardians March 14th

March 14th 2020As you are now aware, all schools have been instructed to close until the 30th March 2020. We understand that this is a difficult time for parents and guardians, when you may need to consider the reorganisation of childcare whilst ensuring the impact on your children’s education is minimised. We want to support you and your children as much as we can at this time. This announcement came quite suddenly and teachers had very little time to prepare. However, we have put arrangements in place which will support and extend pupil learning while the school is closed.

Teachers have given serious consideration to the type of work to assign and have compiled a series of tasks and activities that will be made available daily.  Assignments will be teacher-led but pupil-managed and self-correcting. The schedules of work have been agreed by teachers at each level and will be built around Reading, Maths and project work. Please bear in mind that the assignments are not compulsory nor is it a requirement that children complete every activity listed. It is up to you and your child to decided what work you would like to carry out during this time off school. It is also important that you are mindful of your child’s age, ability and learning needs. Please be assured that teachers will not be expecting all children to have completed the same amount of work. At most, we suggest that  at the present time,  pupils in the lower half of the school would spend no more time than half an hour a day on these assignments and no more than one hour for those in the upper half.

  • Assignments will be posted for what would have been school days starting next Wednesday, the 18th March.
  • Classes from Junior Infants to 2nd will receive a daily schedule of work available on the homework section of Aladdin Connect. This section was recently enabled  and can be viewed on your Aladdin app or web browser .
  • Third to Sixth classes will receive their assignments on Google Classroom.  Google Classroom has just been launched by the school , so teachers and pupils received only a very brief introduction. All children were given their login details but they will need your assistance to download the app or login via the website at home .We feel that this platform will best support teachers’ endeavours to help parents and pupils during this unplanned break from school.
  • If you have any problems accessing  Google Classroom. please email Deputy@saintbrigids.ie.
  • Children who were absent from school will receive their log-in details in a text message shortly.

Those parents who may wish to find alternatives to the above may find these sites useful:

Without any doubt, the most valuable things you could do over the next while is to encourage your child to read regularly . Each child in the upper classes brought home a class novel and I believe that the shared reading of this will bring much enjoyment and benefit to your child and your family.

Please find attached a nice social story about COVID-19 and some information from the Department of Education about speaking to your children about the virus.  More  information, ideas and recommendations will be posted on our website and twitter feed @stbrigidsns in the days ahead.

I hope that everyone keeps healthy and safe over the next few weeks and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Courtney.