Friday Reflection

As Catholic Schools Week comes to a close, we are asked to think about how we can share our common home.

Our world is a gift to all who live here…the people, the animals and the plants.

Our world is not always shared equally…there are people who have no home, no food or water. Some people are forced to leave the place they live because of war, natural disasters, famine or drought. Plants and animals are treated cruelly.

In the letter he wrote to us, Pope Francis told us that we must share with others.

This reminds us of the words of Jesus- who told us to love one another and to be kind and caring.

To show God how much we love him and how thankful we are for the home he has given us, we have to work to share our home equally with all who live here.

Lord, help us to share our common home with all kind…not just mankind…                                                                             Amen.