Finding Bridgie in the Village

Thursday 28th

Good morning boys & girls,

My adventures took me right into the middle of Castleknock village today. I visited St.Brigid’s Well on College Road which is just across from Myos and next to the wall of St.Brigid’s church.

Some of you might walk or drive past the Well everyday on the way to school and I know lots of you visited the well as part of Local History & Geography Week last year.

Nobody knows exactly how long the Well has been in Castleknock but it has been there for a long long time…..long before any of the shops and any of your houses were built.

People used to travel from all around the area to get drinking water from the Well before we could get water from our kitchen taps. On hot days long ago, teachers in our school used to send children to the well with a bucket to get drinking water for the children.

I hope you’re not missing school too much boys & girls. Keep up all the great work for your teachers.

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See you tomorrow,