This week we began accepting E-payments for classroom charges like homework journals and books, art and craft /photocopying, and accident insurance.  There were a few hiccups to begin with….. the family art and craft payment was initially showing up as E45 instead of E70  but we have sent another request for the balance to the parents who paid it before we made a correction. We also had one wrong amount for 5th/6th payment. We rectified it this morning and refunded anyone who had made an overpayment. We want to apologise if you experienced either error.

For the vast majority who paid online it went very smoothly and it will make a HUGE in the office, where in the past we spent most of September counting money. It will also free up time in the classroom as the teachers won’t have to record any payments. Thanks to all the parents who have already used the system and we would ask others to please try it.


For parents who find themselves unable to pay for whatever reason, please talk to Mr. Courtney in the strictest confidence.