Day 3 Bridgie’s Travels

Look… Christopher drew Bridgie was in the Park yesterday !

Day 3 – Thursday 21st Jan

Hello boys & girls !!

What a great day I had yesterday. I was up bright and early and went to one of my favourite places in Casteknock – the heart of the village.

First of all, I popped into Lidl and got myself a tasty donut ( I really LOVE donuts)  and then I just sat and watched the world go by.

A few cars were heading towards the Phoenix Park and others were heading the opposite direction towards Blanchardstown.

After I finished my donut I visited the dentist! Did you know that Castleknock Dental Practise (where I’m sure lots of you go) used to be a shop and Post Office! Guess what the phone number of the Post Office used to be long ago ….1….Yes 1 !!!

Some of you may have noticed the big green Post Office sign that is on the wall in the dentists today.

Have you been to the dentist in Castleknock Village?

Does you Mum, Dad or maybe one of your grandparents remember when the dentist was a post office?

What’s your favourite shop/building in Castleknock?

I’d love to hear from you…here’s my email address…