Day 2 of Bridgie’s Travels

Oh my goodness boys & girls … I got absolutely soaked yesterday!! It didn’t stop raining from early morning until the time I went to bed.

That didn’t stop my adventures though! I had my warm coat and winter hat ready and I headed straight to the Phoenix Park (after my Weetabix of course).

I couldn’t believe how many deer I saw! There are around 600 deer in the park!

Did you know that you can’t feed the deer? ! I tried to give one of the baby deer (fawn) some of my ham sambos  but the park rangers caught me and gave me a hard stare!

Here’s some thing I learned about the park today:

– it’s over 400 years old!
– it’s also home to badgers, foxes, birds, bats, hedgehogs and rabbits although they’re harder to find
– there’s a game called Polo which is played in the park and it looks like  hurling while riding a horse!

I’ll have to come back next week because there seems to be loads of interesting things to do in the park!

Here are some questions for you:

Where is your favourite place to visit in the Phoenix Park?

Can you find out the Irish name for the Phoenix Park?

A very important man lives in a big house in the Phoenix Park.  What is his name?

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