Confessions, Communions and Confirmations

In consultation with our new parish priest, Fr. Damian McNeice and the parish team, we are happy to inform you that we have confirmed the dates for First  Confessions (current 3rds),  Holy Communions (current 3rds and 4ths) and Confirmation(last  years 6th). 

 We are looking forward to celebrating these special milestones in the children’s lives.

First Holy Communions for current 4th classes
  • Monday 11th October. 1pm  Ms. Murray’s Class
  • Tuesday. 12th October 1pm Ms. Kane’s Class
  • Wednesday 13th October 1pm Ms. Dooley’s Class
  • Thursday. 14th October  1pm Ms. O’Brien’s Class 
  • All ceremonies take place at 1pm.
  • Communion children will NOT  need to attend school that day.
  • Families should be seated by 12:50.
  • Due to restrictions there is a maximum of 6 per family to include the first communicant.  Seats will be allocated.
  • Adults should wear masks.
  • Nora Doyle will be in the hall after the ceremony to take photographs.
 Sacrament of  Penance  for current 3rd classes
  • Monday 18th October  1pm Ms. O’Halloran’s Class
  • Tuesday. 19th October. 1pm. Mr. Doyle’s  Class
  • Wednesday 20th October 1pm. Ms. O’Neill’s  Class
  • Thursday.21st October  1pm Ms. Molloy’s  Class

Children will attend school as normal and go to the church from their classrooms

First Holy Communions for current 3rd classes

  • Monday 15th November  1pm Ms. O’Halloran’s Class
  • Tuesday. 16th November. 1pm. Mr. Doyle’s  Class
  • Wednesday 17th November 1pm. Ms. O’Neill’s  Class
  • Thursday.18th November 1pm Ms. Molloy’s  Class

We will give more information on arrangements for these dates nearer the time

Confirmations  for last years 6th classes.

Monday 8th November at 7pm : Ms. Doyle’s and Ms.Ní Fhearghail’s  classes.

Wednesday  10th November at 7pm:  Ms. N. Fay’s and Mr. Lowery’s classes

Information and  a selection of prayers have been sent to these classes.