Catholic Schools Week 2020

Monday: Living in Harmony with God


Today is the first day of Catholic Schools Week 2020. Today, we think of the beauty of the world that God created for us. Our world is a gift from God. We can see the beauty of God’s world all around us if we stop and look. When we take time to see the beauty of our world, we can learn how important it is and we can remember to thank God for the beauty of his creation. Lord, help us to live like you taught us to. Together we pray the prayer that Jesus taught us: Our Father …



Consider how we treat each other in our school. Think about the words we use every day when we talk to each other in our school. Do we use nice words? Do we help people when they are sad? Are we good friends to each other?

Grandparents and older relatives and friends  are a special gift in our lives. They watch over us as we grow and are often some of the most important teachers in our lives. They deserve to be appreciated and cared for and we must always show them the respect and dignity that they show us


How can we say make the world a better, cleaner place to live in? Reflect on the school Green Flag work. Look at all the Green themed doors . Do we turn off our lights? Do we waste water? Do we pick up rubbish? When we make the world a better place to live in, we are helping to make God’s creation as beautiful and wonderful as it can be.


Jesus wants us to be a school that lives like he did. Sometimes we pray together to God. Sometimes we sing songs about how much Jesus loves us. When we see a cross it helps us to remember that God has promised to love us forever. When we are kind to each other, we are being more like Jesus.