Junior Infants Day 1

Tomorrow we start a little earlier.. Rooms 1 and 3 begin at 8:40 and rooms 2 and 4 begin at 9 am. Please use the same lines as this morning.

Hometime is 11:50 for rooms 1 and 3 and 12:10 for 2 and 4. Collect from classroom doors.

Apologies for the locked gate this afternoon.  Here are a few photos of the children in school.

Kahoot in 6th

Kahoot Quiz in 6th class on local history using tablets  #STEM #DIGITAL LEARNING

[trx_video url=”http://saintbrigids.ie/wp/brigids/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2018/02/IMG_0003.mp4″ autoplay=”off” title=”off” width=”500″]