Coronavirus Updates

Dear Parents or Guardians,

There is a lot of talk at present about COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus). Please read this letter issued  today by the Department of Education’s Chief Medical Officer to parents of school pupils.

We are in touch with the HSE and following their advice. We will be continuing to monitor the situation and our advice/instructions may change as the situation develops.

The advice given at present is as follows:

If, in the past 14 days, a parent, guardian or child  has travelled to Ireland from any of the identified affected countries/regions e.g. Italy, Tenerife and they remain symptom free , they should

Visit the HSE website for advice and remain vigilant and alert to possible symptoms.

If, in the past 14 days, a parent, guardian or child  has been

  • in contact with a person who has Novel Coronavirus, or
  • attended a hospital/healthcare facility where patients with novel Coronavirus are being treated but they feel well and do not have any symptoms of respiratory disease, they need to:

Contact HSELive  on 1850 24 1850 

If in the past 14 days, a parent, guardian or child  has:

  • travelled to Ireland from any of the identified areas above, or
  • been in contact with a person who has novel Coronavirus, or
  • attended a hospital/healthcare facility where patients with novel Coronavirus are being treated
  • AND they feel unwell, especially with respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing), then they should:

isolate themselves (i.e. stay separate from other people) and phone their GP immediately – giving their GP their travel history and symptoms. Your GP will advise you of the next steps over the phone.

We ask that you inform the school in all of the incidences above as we have several children in our school with compromised auto immune systems and other children with relatives at home who need to be aware of illnesses that may be present in the school community in order to protect their health.

The HSE also advises that the most important action we can take to protect ourselves from Covid-19 is regular hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene. Parents should reinforce this key message at home.

I wish to reassure parents that everything will be done in accordance to the protocols set down by the HSE.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Courtney.


Halloween Camp

A fun filled Halloween camp will  take place next week in our school during the mid term break. It will run Tuesday 29th to Friday 1st . Lots and lots of activities  for children from 1st to  6th. Registration forms are available in the office and will also be distributed later this week.  Enquiries to Mr. O’Donoghue  via the office email

Community Games Art Winners

Congratulations to the following medal winners in the Art Competition of the Community Games Dublin Finals. The children went to Skerries yesterday and drew a picture on a given topic. We were delighted to see  so many medal winners.

The following received medals

Mark, Edon, Anna , Bobby C, Amy, Ellie, Cate and  Bobby F.

Three children , Ellie, Bobby F and Anna came 1st and will progress to the National Finals


Pokemon Cards and the Garden

We just wanted to clarify the rules around Pokemon Cards. We do allow them in the yard but NO SWAPS are allowed. The cards must be kept in school bags during class.

Also can we remind parents that the school garden is out of bounds unless children are with a teacher. We have had reports of  children throwing stones in the pond while their parents are not watching.