Science Week in Room 1 #scienceweek2020

Science week is a little different this year in our school unfortunately but there are lots of exciting activities and experiments still going on in class!

Take a look at what the children in Room 1 have been learning about this week. Working in stations they have explored objects that float or sink. They looked at different insects and counted their legs. They tried to build a wheel barrow. Ramps with different surfaces were also used and the children discovered which surfaces were the best for speed. The children also discovered that flames need oxygen to stay alight!

Science Week 2019

Demo of how the lungs work !


A boy in 5th class created an incredible model of a plant cell.

Osgur made  funny elephant toothpaste !

David, Jack and Charlie made a clay volcano and then they made it erupt!

Mr. Doyle demonstrates Chloe’s denisty experiment.

Thank you Mr. Doyle for organising our Science Fair and well done to all the pupils who shared their experiments with us all.