One Book One School

February 18th 2019.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Given the huge interest generated in school and in homes by the “One School One Book” project over the past three years, we have decided to continue with the project in fourth, fifth and sixth classes after the midterm break.

One School One Book is a community reading project based on the successful One City One Book project that takes place across the world. As part of One School One Book project, children and their families are encouraged to read and discuss a particular book and engage in support activities. We hope that all children and families will read the book at the same pace in school-thus generating interest, debate and anticipation across the school community. Please do not read ahead as it may spoil class-based activities.

This year the book we have chosen is A Dangerous Crossing by Jane Mitchell. It tells the story of Ghalib, a Syrian boy whose family has no choice but to flee their country. Together they set out on a terrible journey that leads them through dark and dangerous places. Ghalib comes under fire, is caught in a tear-gas attack, experiences the wretched and hopeless life of a refugee camp, and he still has to face the perils of a voyage in a boat that is far from seaworthy.

Based on the experiences of real Syrian families, A Dangerous Crossing is a story of bravery and solidarity in the face of despair.

The book retails at €11.99 but we are selling a copy to each family for €6. We will distribute copies to 4th, 5th and 6th classes today. Only the  youngest sibling in each family will receive a copy and they should return €6 to the class teacher.

As siblings (4th -6th ) will be sharing the family book, please ensure that the youngest sibling returns it to class each day.

We hope you enjoy the book choice this year. Despite the serious subject matter the children will recognise the uplifting messages of resilience, resourcefulness and hope which permeate this book. We will have an opportunity to chat to the author when she visits the school on Wed, 3rd April.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Courtney.