Smart Devices and Phones

In case any of our pupils received phones or smart devices this Christmas, we want to remind them that mobile phones are not permitted in school. Smartwatches or fitness trackers that have any recording function or game apps are also not allowed.

Thank you

HSE Memo for Parents and Guardians

Please read this important information from the HSE.

TO: All Principals, for sharing with parents, guardians and staff
FROM: Dr Eamonn O’Moore, Director National Health Protection;
Dr Abigail Collins, National Clinical Lead Child Health Public Health
RE: Significant levels of Flu, Covid-19 and RSV currently circulating
DATE: 6th January 2023

Significant increase in viral infections
We have seen a very significant increase in the usual winter viral infections. This includes an increase in flu, RSV and now Covid-19. This is because we are all mixing together more.
We would like to thank you for supporting the dissemination of these important messages and the whole school community for their efforts in following public health advice. As schools and other
activities re-open, it is timely to remind the school community of the key measures outlined below.
Important messages for families and children regarding any infections:
1) The most important measure is to stay home if you are unwell. Many children might have a runny nose or a slight cough in the winter season. However, if a child is feeling unwell, they should be at home. For example, they may have:

  • fever
  • cough, and
  • sore throat

They should stay at home until those symptoms have finished. Children unwell with symptoms of one infection are more likely to get ‘co-infected’ with another infection which might make them more unwell if exposed.
Staying home when unwell will help prevent the spread to other children, families and staff.

2) Infection, prevention and control measures
– Cover coughs and sneezes
– Keep hands clean
Many of the measures we all got used to with Covid-19 are still important. Hygiene measures such as these should be encouraged for everyone. These measures help stop the spread of infection.

3) Vaccination
Making sure your child is up to date on all recommended vaccinations will help:

  • stop your child from getting an infection and
  • make them less likely to be unwell if they do get an infection

Routine childhood vaccinations protect against many significant viral and bacterial infections. More information is available at


Flu vaccine
Children and young people with underlying conditions, are at increased risk of severe complications from flu and are recommended the flu vaccine.
It is important that all adults and children recommended the flu vaccine receive the vaccine. Check if you are recommended the flu vaccine at
It is not too late to get your free flu vaccine.
More information is available at

Vaccination for Covid-19 is still available. Visit
The most important ways to prevent the spread of all infections are making sure:

  • anyone unwell stays at home
  • children and adults are up to date with their recommended vaccines, including flu

4. If you are concerned about your child

If you are concerned your child may be unwell, please check coughs-children/ There is information on coughs, colds, fever, rashes and symptoms of concern.

Advice on when to contact your GP or go to a hospital emergency department is available at

Typical symptoms of viral infections
Symptoms of viral infections typically include:

  • runny or blocked nose
  • mild fever
  • cough
  • lethargy (tiredness)

Many children with viral infections also have a generalised rash. Most children with viral infections can safely be cared for at home.

The Fair is ready!

Our Christmas Fair is this Saturday from 11am to 3pm. Out PTA  members and an army of volunteers have worked tirelessly for the last few weeks collecting and sorting stock for the fair. Over the last two days, they have transformed the Sports hall into a Christmas wonderland. There will be something for everyone at the Fair this year so please drop in for a while.

A big shout out to Mr. Ivers, our caretaker for all the extra work he has had to do this week and to the TY students from Castleknock College, Mount Sackville and Edmund Rice and other past pupils who also helped transform the hall.


Christmas Annuals

The annuals have arrived and  go on sale December 1st. Children can purchase one after small break from Mrs. Mac Donaghs office.. They should bring in the exact amount €5. Sales will continue until stocks run out.


What Daddy or Mammy does not remember the Christmas Annual which first went on sale 48 years ago? Since then they have been getting bigger and better every year.

Sourced from sustainably managed forests and 100% recyclable, each Folens Christmas Annual is bursting with activities, games, stories and competitions to entertain and delight this festive period. Plus, each Annual comes with a free Christmas pen or pencil.

This year they will be on sale after small break from Thursday, December 1st until stocks run out. They are priced at €5 which is great value for 80+ pages of fun!

Christmas Dates for the Diary

2nd December:

  • The Lighting of the Village Tree at 4:30 pm
  • Christmas Annuals on sale in school priced €5

WIN Folens Christmas Annuals for your Whole Class! -

3rd December:

  • The Christmas Fair returns to the Sports Hall. from 11 am to 3 pm and it will be spectacular!


8th December:

  • School Mass for 3rd class up.

12th to 16th December:

Crib Display

15th December:

  • Carol Service for the EVEN numbered classrooms at 11 am.
  • Odd classes of 3rd, 4th and 5th will visit the 6th class Winter Wonderland

16th December:

  • Carol Service for the ODD-numbered classrooms at 11 am.
  • Even classes of 3rd, 4th and 5th will visit the 6th class Winter Wonderland

19th and 20th of December

  • Santa Visits for Junior Infants to 2nd Class
  • Cribs go home

21st December:

  • Festive Dress Up morning. Holidays at 12 noon.

Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation

In consultation with our parish priest, Fr. Damian McNeice and the parish team, we are happy to inform you that we have confirmed the dates for The Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation in 2023.

 We look forward to celebrating these special milestones in the children’s lives.

Sacrament of Reconciliation: 2nd Classes
  • Monday, 27th February at 1 pm:   Ms. Corry’s class
  • Tuesday, 28th February at 1 pm:   Ms. Mc Keown’s class
  • Wednesday, 1st March at 1 pm:      Ms. Keane’s and Mr. MacCann’s class
  • Thursday, 2nd March at 1 pm:      Ms. Mc Gann’s class

Children attend school as normal

First Holy Communions
  • Saturday 13th May at 11:30 am:  Ms. Corry and  Ms. McGann’s classes
  • Saturday 20th May at 11:30 am:  Ms. McKeown, Ms. Keane and Mr. MacCann’s classes

We will give more information on arrangements for these dates nearer the time

Ceremonies of Light
  • Monday, 22nd May at 7 pm:  Ms. Doyle and Ms. Ní Fhearghail’s classes
  • Wednesday, 24th May at 7 pm:  Mr. Lowery and Mr. Lysaght’s classes
Sacrament of Confirmation  
  • Thursday 15th June at 11:30 am: Ms. Doyle’s and Ms. Ní Fhearghail’s classes.
  • Friday 16th June at 11:30 am: Mr. Lowery and Mr. Lysaght’s classes