Masked Reader Further Update

Day 3 saw The Fox read The Emperors Egg.  We think the clue was a little easier but not everyone got it right !  So far Monkey has had the most guesses.

The next video is of Bunny and the clue is a colour you hear a lot about in school !

Half of our pupils will be back in school on Monday 👏👏👏👏 . They won’t continue with learning at home but they will still need to watch and guess online ! Bunny has a great story about Farmer Duck.






We are now on Day 2 of the Masked Readers and what a response!  We are getting lots and lots of guesses.  Thanks to all the parents who are sharing the stories with their children.

Panda was a little hard !  Lots of guesses for all 4 options.

Today featured Monkey and 95% of the guesses were for one teacher… we aren’t saying who though !

Tomorrow sees  Fox reading the Emperor’s Egg.  Could Fox be a male teacher?   You will have to watch and listen carefully for the clue at the end.

Remember, you can still make a guess as to who Panda and Monkey are if you haven’t already… just one guess per pupil though!

Keep watching and remember the  masks come off on World Book Day … and the prize winners will be announced…

It could be You .


Bridgie’s Last Message

Well boys and girls, my adventures have come to an end!!

You’d think I would be sad but I’m actually delighted. I had such fun out and about learning all about the local history and geography of Castleknock. What an amazing place it is !! But I’m even happier that you are all returning to school.

I’ve been busy in the office today helping Ms.Mooney. She must be the busiest school secretary in the whole of Ireland !!

So I’ve a little quiz for you based on my adventures. The winner will receive a signed photograph of me…..and a night off homework ( I’ll have to talk to your teacher first though!!) Send your answers  over the next week  or so to

1. What’s my favourite food?

2. What animals did I see on the second day of my adventures?

3. What is the name of the GAA grounds where St.Brigid’s play?

4. I learned to play a new game on Friday 5th February. What was it?

5. What is the name of the hill in Castleknock College?

6. What lock did I visit on 9th February?

I’ll see you all in school very soon boys & girls!


Oh I nearly forgot ….a very special thank you to my  good friend,  Mr Mac Cann who came with me on my travels everyday during lockdown.  Mr. Mac Cann made sure I didn’t get lost or hungry and  even helped me write my diary .

Bridgie at School

I’m so excited boys and girls!!!   Some of you are coming back to school next week!!!!  I can’t wait to hear the sounds of children having fun and learning in school again!

As soon as I heard the news, I decided to run around the school and check on all the Junior Infants and Senior Infants classrooms as well as the 1st and 2nd building.

I know that all the teachers are really excited for your return too.

I’m off to help Mr. Ivers and Ms. Mooney again today – they’ve lots to do to get the school ready for you!

Check in tomorrow for my final update!