Attendance Awards


Today we gave out attendance awards and over 90 children received a certificate and a badge or pencil. They attended school every day …thats 182 days this year.  We also picked the class with the best overall attendance and this year it was Ms Costello’s 2nd class that had a  STAGGERING 98% attendance overall  . Well done to all.

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Graduation Photos 2015

6th class 2015 Graduation

Graduation Day os always a special day in our school, when the outgoing 6th class get to hear what their teachers really think of them!  This year they had only wonderful things to say. We wish all our pupils leaving this year a happy and prosperous future.

[trx_quote title=”Dr Suess”]Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away![/trx_quote]

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6th Class Concert

We were treated to a wonderful afternoon of music on Tuesday from the Junior and Senior Choirs and several soloists from 6th class. Mrs. Williams conducted the Senior Choir and helped Caoimhe, Aoife, Sean, Romey , Mia and Eva per are their pieces. Mrs. Collins prepared the Junior Choir. Everyone really enjoyed the concert.

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Chicks in 1st Class

On April 21st Ms Sheila Kennedy supplied us with 7 eggs and an incubator and Ms. Murphy’s 1st Class took on the task of minding the eggs and the chicks that would hatch out in exactly 21 days. May 12th was the big day but unfortunately the chicks all hatched out during the night…maybe the school was too noisy during the day !  All seven hatched although the smaller bantum chicks hatched  a day little later. They remained in the classroom and had lots of visitors from around the school. When they got a little bigger and noisier we moved them to the school library. Soon they were losing their fluffy down and growing feathers. They even managed to escape a few times . When they were too big for the cage Mrs. Kennedy took them home to live in her garden . In September she hopes to bring them back  so we can see how big they got and also if they were girls or boys!

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