Getting Dressed for School

Junior Infants in Room 1 have been learning a really funny poem called ‘Getting Dressed for School’ by Ken Nesbitt. As a special treat, our buddies from Ms Dooley’s 3rd class came to visit today and helped their junior infant buddy to draw a picture of the character from the poem. The children had a lot of fun drawing the images from the poem and they shared a lot of laughs with their buddies. 

Getting Dressed for School By Ken Nesbitt

I must have been too sleepy
getting dressed for school today.
I tried to tuck my shirt in
but I couldn’t make it stay.

I also couldn’t tie my shoes.
I fumbled with the laces.
I snagged my scarf, and now some yarn
is dangling from my braces.

My socks are different colours,
and my pants are inside out.
My sweater from the hamper left me
smelling like a trout.

I thought I put a hat on
to control my crazy hair.
The hat turned out to be a pair
of purple underwear.

I spilled my breakfast on my clothes
and headed into school.
My friends, of course, were all impressed.
I’d never looked so cool.

The Gingerbread Man

Junior Infants in room 1 read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man ‘ and have been busy acting out the story using stick puppets, making playdough shapes, drawing their own gingerbread man, sequencing the story, using the beebot to follow the gingerbread man and creating the Gingerbread Man’s getaway route in the sandpit! They finished up with a special treat, designing their own gingerbread men to take home.

Nature Walk in Junior Infants

Junior Infant children in Room 1 went on a Nature Walk today to mark Tree Day 2018. We first looked at the new trees growing around our yard and saw all the Autumn colours and the leaves that have fallen on the ground. On the green, we played in the leaves and looked at the Hawthorn tree and it’s berries – some of us even felt the thorns! We made bark and leaf rubbings before finishing our walk to a special tree on the school grounds. We knew it was a Horse Chestnut tree because we found the conkers on the ground! We had lots of fun celebrating Tree Day and following Sammy Squirrel’s advice to ‘Be Nature Nice!’