Artefacts Display

We had a wonderful display of artefacts. in the school reception area  last week. Lots of artefacts were  on display including books, old school copies, journals, magazines and even  someone’s school report card!.  The children were particularly fascinated with Conor’s shipwreck treasures, the old dial telephones and some vintage teddies and toys. We also had an old wooden, an antique walking stick and a ration book from World War 2.  Here is a short video of the display. Thank you to all the families who lent us their precious memorabilia.

An excerpt from an old school journal

4th Class Local History Walk

On Thursday 4th class got opportunity to visit Castleknock College as part of Local History and Geography week. We were lucky enough to be given a guided tour of the college grounds by 5th year students. We learned lots of interesting facts about the history of the school and even got to see the ruins of the castle on the hill up close! Thank you to Castleknock College for being so welcoming again this year.

The Visit of An Taoiseach

On Friday, February 3rd, we were honoured to have An Taoiseach visit our school. He was greeted at the gate by two of our sixth-class pupils, Sadie and James, who spoke in English and as Gaeilge.

As it was Local History and Geography Week, we recreated the old school classroom in the foyer, and  Ms G. Fay’s class gave a demonstration of school long ago. Her class recited poems and told An Taoiseach some interesting facts about the old school.

In the Stem room, An Taoiseach joined in a Kahoot quiz about the old school and then it was on to visit the Garden Classrooms and the Artefact Exhibition.

No visit would be complete without a performance from Ms. Williams and The Senior Choir.

We were all very proud of our students and the wonderful respectful welcome they gave to An Taoiseach, Senator Currie and Councillor Leddy.






Local History Week begins!

Our Locality Week got off to a great start this morning when some 6th-class pupils visited classrooms to tell the children Monday’s Facts of the Day.

Here are today’s facts: 

Did you know that:
1). Castleknock was once covered in a massive forest called the Great Scaldwood, where wolves roamed freely
2). Castleknock comes from the Irish Caisleán Cnucha – Cnucha was a woman who lived in the area long ago and Caisleán after the castle that the Normans built. The ruins of the castle are now in Castleknock College.
3). In Castleknock long ago, people lived in caves; they hunted wild deer and pigs in the forests. Nowadays, it’s much easier to get food. You just have to pop into Lidl.
4). The water from the nearby River Liffey was used for drinking, and people also fished there


5). There was once a Viking battle in Castleknock. The Vikings were fearsome warriors, and they won the battle and stayed in Castleknock for over 200 years….maybe your great-great-great-great-great- great-great-great Grandfather was a Viking!!

Room 34 began the class visits to our “new” old classroom in reception, and they enjoyed sitting at the old desks.

School History 2003 to 2015

Whiteboards and ICT and another building. 

  • 2005 President Mary McAlese visited us. The children lined the yard and waved flags. The President spoke to the 6th classes in the school GP room.
  •  ICT took a huge leap forward with the installation of Whiteboards. Teachers were given laptops to prepare lessons .
  • 2007  the Library was  still in a prefab but it was computerized.
  • 2009  We were  one of the first schools to win a Digital School Award.
  • In 2010 we received planning permission for a new Sports Hall and building to replace the prefabs.
  • 2011 Three buildings  were completely refurbished during Summer Holidays.
  • Mrs.Murphy’s garden and school field  were demolished to make way for the new buildings.
  • 2012 Senior Building and Sports Hall were built. It was a difficult year with split breaks and reduced yard size.
  • Terry Beirne , our longest serving member of staff and deputy Principal retired.

The Newest Building

  • 8 new classrooms with sliding storage areas
  • 3 story building
  • 5 Learning Support Rooms
  • Staff Room , Conference Room, 3 offices and disabled shower room.
  • New garden, Library and Sports Hall
  • Soft Surface in Infant Yard
  • Staff Carpark
  • Wifi throughout
  • New Intercom System


  • 2013  We had the Official Opening of our new building by Archbishop Martin.
  • A Cloak Sculpture  was commissioned for the front of school
  • 2014  We had our first Grandparents Day in 2nd class
  • The Choir  won the overall of the Year Prize.
  • PTA purchased  20 ipads


We celebrated the 150 year anniversary of our school on Feb 1st 2015.

President Higgins visited us to mark the occasion.


Good Years 1990s – 2003


  • The School Sponsored Walk was held on the M50 the day before it opened.
  • 1991 The Library was moved to a prefab and a year later after a large donation from Mr.Ben Dunne, the computer room was opened.
  • A Printer was  installed.
  • 1994 Mrs. Williams took over the Senior Choir and in 1996 they won Feis Ceoil.
  • In 2003  Mr.Dave Nolan retired . He had steered the school through a lot of change and he handed the reins over to Mr. Denis Courtney