The Grandparents Tree


On Tuesday last we planted the Grandparents Tree. This was presented to the school by the Castleknock Grandparents Committee. The tree is really special as committee member, John Mc Cullen grafted three different species of apple onto it. These represent the three generations, Grandparent, parent and child. Our third classes all assembled to listen to John and see the tree being planted. Maybe someday i’ll the distant future they will visit this tree as a grandparent!

We also want to thank Mrs. Margaret Brady , our neighbour, who has planted lots of flowers in the garden this year. We are especially delighted that it is now an oasis for honey bees ūüźĚ¬†which we know are becoming endangered.

Nature Walk

Ms. Dooley’s class went on a nature walk today and visited the school garden . They drew pictures of everything they found. You can see them searching the pond for ¬†Jonah, our¬†really big white Koi fish.

The Hedgerow

Here are some things we found growing in the school hedgerows.  Can you name them all? Can you spot the odd one out ?  Remember not all berries are edible so never pick and eat wild berries without checking with a grown up first.

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The School Conker Tree

In the staff car park we have an old Horse Chestnut Tree and Ms. O’ Halloran’s 3rd class plan to observe it through the four seasons of the¬†year . They have already take some Autumn pictures and hope to visit it again when¬†Winter ¬†arrives.

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