Day 2 of Bridgie’s Travels

Oh my goodness boys & girls … I got absolutely soaked yesterday!! It didn’t stop raining from early morning until the time I went to bed.

That didn’t stop my adventures though! I had my warm coat and winter hat ready and I headed straight to the Phoenix Park (after my Weetabix of course).

I couldn’t believe how many deer I saw! There are around 600 deer in the park!

Did you know that you can’t feed the deer? ! I tried to give one of the baby deer (fawn) some of my ham sambos  but the park rangers caught me and gave me a hard stare!

Here’s some thing I learned about the park today:

– it’s over 400 years old!
– it’s also home to badgers, foxes, birds, bats, hedgehogs and rabbits although they’re harder to find
– there’s a game called Polo which is played in the park and it looks like  hurling while riding a horse!

I’ll have to come back next week because there seems to be loads of interesting things to do in the park!

Here are some questions for you:

Where is your favourite place to visit in the Phoenix Park?

Can you find out the Irish name for the Phoenix Park?

A very important man lives in a big house in the Phoenix Park.  What is his name?

Remember…answers to


Day 1 
Hello boys and girls. Bridgie here, your school mascot. The school is very quiet at the moment without all of you so I’ve decided to go on an adventure around Castleknock…within 5km of school of course! I don’t want the guards arresting me!

So I’ve decided I’m going to visit lots of places around Castleknock that make it such a special place to live. You’ll probably recognise lots of the places I visit and I’ll be sharing some facts everyday so you can learn a little bit about your local area.

The school website will be updated everyday with the places I visit.

What you can do:
You can find out some more information about the places I visit, tell me about a time you visited the same place or draw me a picture. You can send me an email with your work. I have my iPad in my backpack !
My email address is 

Anyone who sends me a message will be entered into a raffle for a really special prize when we’re back in school!

I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures!