Bridgie’s travel report for Thursday 11th

Thursday 11th Feb

Good morning boys & girls,

I was up bright and early on my adventures yesterday morning. I headed down the Castleknock road towards the park but instead of going through the gates of the park I continued on the Castleknock Road until I got to the Phoenix Park Racecourse.

Did you know that there used to be an actual racecourse there until all the houses, shops and apartments were built? The racecourse was very well known and used to host some really big horse races. People travelled from all around Ireland and the world to watch the races.

The racecourse closed around 30 years ago and nothing much was done with the site for a long time. There used to be a Sunday market there where people from all around Dublin 15 would meet up to buy and sell all sorts of bric-a-brac.

As it was so cold out I thought I’d treat myself to a hot chocolate. Luckily for me I found just the spot and it wasn’t long before I was warming my bones (well my stuffing) with the sweet taste of hot chocolate!

See you tomorrow for more adventures!

Bridgie Sitting on a Wall

Weds 10th

Good morning boys & girls,

As you can see from my picture, I’m sitting at the entrance to the Castleknock Court apartment complex. You might ask yourself ‘why is Bridgie sitting at the entrance to the Castleknock Court apartment complex?’

I’ll tell you why…..

Before our school moved to where it is today in 1971 (nearly 50 years ago) St.Brigid’s National School stood on the corner of Beechpark Avenue and the Castleknock Road (where the Castleknock Court apartments are now).

You can see a picture below of how the old school looked long ago and I’ve also included a picture of the principals of the school. They were a married couple called Mr. & Mrs. Friel and they were called the Master and the Mistress. They lived upstairs in the school ! Can you believe that?!

Mrs.Friel was in charge of the girls and Mr.Friel was in charge of the boys. Boys and girls went in separate entrances and there was even a fence in the yard separating the boys from the girls. Eventually the boys and girls schools were joined together!

In the old school, the children used to hang their sandwiches on hooks on the wall so the rats wouldn’t nibble them!!

Can you think of 5 ways that school nowadays is different to school long ago?

Tuesday 9th Brrrrrrrrrr!



Tuesday 9th Feb

🎼And that auld triangle went jingle-jangle
All along the banks of the Royal Canal.🎼

What a little gem I discovered today boys and girls! I took a wander down past the tennis club and walked over the long footbridge that crosses the M50.

Just over the bridge I came across the 12th lock of the Royal Canal. The lock is used to raise and lower boats along the different levels of the canal. The canal was built to bring people and freight from Dublin all the way to Longford. Canals are different to rivers in that canals are man made.

Nowadays the Royal Canal is mostly used for leisure. Some of the animals that call the Royal Canal and its banks home are foxes ,badgers, hedgehogs  otters, herons and lots of smaller birds that live in the hedgerows.

The building you see in the background is now an apartment block but it was once a mill that employed over 100 people.

Some questions for you:

Have you ever walked along the Royal Canal?

How many counties does the Royal Canal pass through?

What kind of boats use the canal?

Bridgie’s Travels Monday 8th

Monday 8th Feb

Good morning boys and girls,

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I was really tired after all my adventures last week so I spent a lot of the weekend recharging my batteries…..I’m not actually one of those Teddies with batteries but you know what I mean!

I did find ANOTHER castle near our school on Saturday though!! Can you believe that?! No wonder Castleknock is called CASTLEknock!!

Perhaps you recognise Ashtown Castle from my picture. Maybe you’ve been there yourself? I did spot lots of children around and a playground nearby.

The castle you see in the picture is actually a small part of what the castle would have looked like when it was in use. Perhaps you’ve played chasing in the maze beside the castle?….Well did you know that the small bushes that make up the maze actually show us what the layout of the castle was like all those years ago! So each section is a room in the castle! That gives us a better idea of how big the castle was.

Can you find out any more facts about Ashtown Castle?

How far was I from the school ?

Remember my email address is

Bridgie’s learns Chess Friday. 5th


Happy Friday boys & girls,

Well done on all your brilliant schoolwork this week and thank you for following my adventures!

I spent a lot of my day today learning how to play chess. Can you play? Its great fun but it takes a while to learn. I’m not very good yet but I’m enjoying it.

I’ve a couple of things I want to share with you today.

Firstly, have a look at all the pictures below and see if you can remember the names of all the places I’ve been so far on my travels.

Secondly, I’ve a great quiz on our school that I want you to try.

Click on this link to play:

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday with more adventures.


Briidgie’s Travels Thursday 4th Feb

Thursday 4th

Good morning boys & girls!

It was lovely and bright yesterday morning so I got up bright and early. The first thing I did was grab myself a hot chocolate in the Silver Spoon and then I took a stroll from the village up College Road where I found myself on the grounds of Castleknock College once again.

Last time I was here I spotted some sort of old building at the top of a hill that I wanted to learn more about.

I discovered that it is called Windmill Hill although I’m not sure many people call it that. It’s often referred to simply as The Hill.

The building that you can see in the picture is actually a water tower but it is believed that it operated as a windmill and an observatory at one stage.

Irish legend says that Cumhall, who was the father of Fionn MacCumhaill, is buried under the hill. Fionn was leader of the Fianna who were brave warriors. You may have heard of him from the story of The Salmon of Knowledge.

Nowadays it’s a popular place to go on a snowy day and is often used as part of training sessions for the students in the college.

There was electric fence all around it too so I think that cows from the nearby farm use it for grazing on.

See you tomorrow for more adventures .


Bridgie’s Travels

Hello there boys & girls,

Can you see from my picture where I was today…………?

Yes, that is the carpark of Myos.

Myos has been in Castleknock for a long time but did you know that it wasn’t always called Myos? It used to look very different and was called McKenna’s.

At the time it was called McKenna’s there wasn’t much else in Castleknock other than the church I showed you yesterday, a few houses……and lots of fields!! The petrol Station, Spar, Castello Bruno – that was all fields!

Long ago, there was a huge livestock market in Smithfield which is between Castleknock and town (not too far away).

Before cattle (cows) were transported on trucks, men called Drovers used to walk the cattle into the market in Smithfield to sell them and then bring other cattle back out through Castleknock and onto farms in Meath, Kildare and further afield.

They would often stop in McKenna’s for a refreshing cup of tea and a couple of sandwiches before continuing on with their journey.

I’ve included a really old picture taken of Castleknock village around 120 years ago.

By looking at the picture we can learn a little bit about life at the time. Can you think of a few things we can learn from the picture?

Send your answers to

Here is a lovely letter I received from my friend Anna . Wasn’t she kid to ask if I was all right after my windy day fall . Thank you Anna

Bridgie’s Travels

I thought it was very appropriate to visit St.Brigid’s church in Castleknock today as it was St.Brigid’s day.

St.Brigid’s church has been in Castleknock a long long time. It was built around 220 years ago but it is believed that various different churches have been on this land for hundreds of years before this. It is famous for it’s stained glass window which was made by the world famous artist Harry Clarke in 1928.

Many people that live in Castleknock pass by the church everyday but some of them have never been inside. I’ve only been inside once myself for a wedding many years ago.

I find the grounds of the church to be a peaceful quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the village. Sometimes, I go for a wander around or simply sit on the steps in front of the church and take some time out from the busy life I lead.

Next time you’re passing you should take a look around. You’ll see great views of the village that you’ve never seen before and remember that people were walking on the very same ground as you hundreds of years ago!

See you tomorrow!


Bridgie’s Travels Feb 1st

Good morning boys & girls,

How was your weekend? I hope you had time to relax and enjoy a break from your schoolwork.

The weather was fairly blustery and windy all weekend so I didn’t venture too far!

But I did get the chance to visit somewhere really interesting on Saturday – The Magazine Fort.

As you can see from my pictures it was so windy in the park that my hat blew off and I fell off my stool !

Have you ever been to the Magazine Fort before? Maybe you’ve built a fort at home yourself? A fort is somewhere that is secure and hard to get into. Maybe you’ve built one with cushions and blankets at home.

The Magazine Fort was built in 1735 which is nearly 300 years ago!! It was used to store ammunition and it had to be well protected.

It was surrounded by a dry moat ( a moat with no water) and high walls to stop intruders stealing the ammunition!

See can you spot where the soldiers might stick their guns out.

Why do you think it was built up on a hill?

See if you can find out any more information about The Magazine Fort and send me an email

See you tomorrow.