Expression of Interest Form Information


February 14th 2023

Changes to our Application Procedures for Junior Infants 2024/25 onwards.

The Expression of Interest Form will be released to parents in early November of the year prior to admission. If your child is due to start school in September 2024- the online form will be released to you via our website in November 2023.

At this time we will request all relevant documents and places will be offered in early January rather than February as was the practice before this change.

Parents or Guardians who filled in the Expression of Interest Form prior to this change will be contacted by us in the November prior to the year of admission requesting the necessary documentation.

Please Note;

  • Places are offered according to the Enrolment Policy for that year.
  • Completion of the Expression of Interest Form is not an offer of a place .
  • The time or date of each application does not give any priority or a guarantee of a place.