First Lego League Junior – 4th class Ms. Robinson

Ms. Robinson’s 4th class have been working hard on their robotic projects to have them ready in time for the first ever First Lego League Junior to be held in Ireland.

The children worked in groups and the theme for their challenge was ‘Aqua Adventure’. Yesterday was showcase day and the class traveled to DCU Institute of Education in Drumcondra to take part. You can see some photos of their projects and the showcase day in the video below. Well done to all involved.




Project Minecraft 5th class Ms. N. Fay

The children in Ms. Fay’s 5th class have been lucky enough to start using Minecaft Education as part of Project Minecraft. Today they began designing some story settings for their favourite stories. Here are some photos of the children at work today. We were one of a few lucky schools to be accepted on this project and we are delighted to use our new HP tablets to work on our Minecraft creative challenges.

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 What is Minecraft: Education Edition? 

Minecraft: Education Edition promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive open-world environment. The game-based learning platform provides educators with a differentiated way to engage students in the classroom.   It is completely classroom-ready with a wealth of online resources such as tutorials, classroom management tools and more.

Digital Art: Senior Infants Ms. McGovern

Take a look at the digital art created by Ms. McGovern’s class over the last few weeks.

The children have been working with a variety of digital tools and online software to create digital art over the last few weeks. The worked in pairs to learn about using a mouse and a keyboard, creating 2d shapes, using different tools, pens and colours and created a great variety of art.

Engineers Week 2018: 5th class Ms. McDonagh

As part of Engineers Week 2018, Ms. McDonagh’s 5th class completed a ‘sturdy tower’ challenge.

Their challenge was to build a sturdy tower in their groups that was strong enough to hold a stack of textbooks! The children worked in groups of four to plan, build and test their design, working as engineers.

You can see what they built here.


Coding in 3rd class Ms. Brosnan

The children in 3rd class have been working with coding activities using in recent weeks.

The activities have included learning to drag and drop, creating a maze, debugging, sequencing activities, creating loops,  creating stories etc.  All activities are pair programming activities which encourage the children to communicate, collaborate and problem solve together.

Take a look at some photos of the children from Ms. Brosnan’s class at work.