Engineers Week 2021: Room 30 #STEPSEngineersWeek

The children in Ms. Ní Fheargail’s 6th class have been working on lots of different activities for Engineers week 2021.

Take a look at a chain reaction video with books, the pringle ring challenge, and playground designs. The class also participated in a virtual show for Engineer’s week, provided by Engineers Ireland. This focused on building bridges and creating secure structures using different shapes and angles. Fantastic engineering work!

EU Code week in St. Brigids’s #codeweek

Some of the children in Senior Infants, 3rd and 6th class took part in EU code week.

The children were coding in their pods with Bee Bot floor robots,  the Rainforest coding adventure game and using code builder with Minecraft Education.

EU Code Week is a  initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

Take a look at some photos and videos:



Take a look around our school…

It is sad that our school building is closed for the time being but we can still take a look around! Ms. N. Fay and her 6th class from 2019 designed and created this Minecraft model of our school.

See can you find:  your classroom, your yard, the library, the school garden, the HUB, the PE hall and lots of other places around our school.

Spheros in 6th class

The children from 6th class Room 29 worked with our new  set of spheros in the HUB today. They used the Sphero EDU app on our new ipads to move and control their spheres!

A Sphero is an interactive, programmable, blue tooth enabled ball. The children drew shape paths for their sphero and controlled it to follow the path. They also worked with our Sphero Map of Ireland to control the ball as it travelled to different destinations on the map. Some fantastic problem-solving and collaboration to be seen!!