The Dragon’s Den

As part of the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, Ms Fay’s 5th class pupils presented their business ideas to a panel of dragons on Friday. The panel consisted of businessman, Mr. Brian Fitzsimons and teachers Ms. G. Fay and Ms. Brennan.

Each group presented their Powerpoint to the Dragons and responded to the questions they asked and listened to the feedback they gave. There were some very interesting points made and all the Dragons were impressed with the confidence and creativity of each group.

The business ideas in the class ranged from slime, copyholders, a comfortable cushion, a car wash service, bookmarks and tie-dye t-shirts. All of the ideas were excellent, however the judges felt the bookmarks idea had the most potential. The students  also voted and the bookmarks idea came out on top.  Over the next few weeks the entire class will be working on producing and selling bookmarks.

Here are just a few photos from the presentations.


Titanic Projects

Some children from 2nd class brought their projects to the office today to show us. We were all really impressed at the research they did on the Titanic. They also presented all the information beautifully with lots of photos and illustrations and one pupil even made a large model of the ship.  Listen to the recording below  of some of the unusual facts they learned.