The Playground Model

Vincent in 5th class recently took part in filming for the Irish wheelchair association around changing the perceptions and stereotypes of people with disabilities. The Daisy project (Disability Awareness in schools and youth clubs) will be rolled out in schools around Ireland. This will hopefully change attitudes around people with disabilities by demonstrating understanding, awareness and inclusivity.

Vincent has designed a fantastic inclusive playground:

I made a model of two areas that could be added to a playground. The first section consists of two ramps with a platform in the middle. I think children in wheelchairs will enjoy mounting the ramps.

In the second section, suitable for wheel chair users, I designed a swing set that I think the children would really enjoy swinging from side to side on.

The model was made from hard cardboard, straws, match sticks, masking tape and string. It was decorated with stickers.
I really enjoyed being involved in making this playground.

Well done Vincent!

Green Schools Committee News

When we were awarded our Litter and Waste Flag last year, the inspectors were so impressed by how much we had managed to reduce our litter waste. They commended us on our great efforts to reduce and reuse. We have been working to maintain this great effort as well as striving towards our next Green Flag, the flag for water conservation.
Our Green Schools committee members have been working busily to make sure we are on the right track. As part of their campaign, they are urging everyone to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever they can at school and at home and to only bring reusable water bottles to school. 
They are also urging everyone to check that all taps are turned off properly and that water is not left running unnecessarily. Water is precious, so we must not waste it!   Thank you to all the teachers for allowing our committee members speak to their classes and gather important data for our Green Schools survey.
Last year, Green Schools throughout Ireland save 592 million litres of water! That’s enough to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools or make 2.3 billion cups of tea!

Parachute egg drop Room 27

The children in 5th class Room 27 have been busy making parachutes this week while working on their STEM Egg drop activity. They have been investigating and experiementing about the  the effects of air resistence and gravity on their parachute.

First they dropped an egg on its own. Then they tried out their parachutes with their eggs attached using a variety of materials. The times were kept very carefully by the time keepers! They discovered that gravity pulls the object down and air resistance slows the fall. Parachutes are used to slow the fall of an object by increasing air resistance which reduces the effect of gravity!

See some photos and a few videos below.





Lego Robotics in Room 27 5th class

Take a look at some of the fantastic projects completed by Ms. G. Fay’s 5th class over the last few weeks. They built and programmed Cooling Fans, Moving Satellites, Milo the Science Rover and other scice projects looking at pulling, speed, robust structure, plants and pollinators and preventing flooding. They also worked with motion sensors on their models.