5th class tour

On Wednesday morning, the children in 5th class headed off on their school tour to Croke Park. They toured the grounds of  the stadium, visited the dressing rooms, learned lots of historical facts relating to events held in the stadium and even spent time in the commentary stand!

After a quick bite to eat and a chance to kick a ball and hit a sliotar, they headed off JumpZone for some fantastic fun in the inflatable adventure park.



Dreamspace workshop in 4th class

The children in Room 23 took part in a live online session with the Dream Space and the Garage teams from Microsoft Ireland last Friday. This was to celebrate the end of STEPS Engineers week 2023.

The children coded and solved problems like engineers. They created their very own Arcade games while learning about the work software engineers do. They also heard from one of the Microsoft engineering experts. She inspired the children to see technology in exciting new ways.


Wind Farm Project 4th class Room 23

Did you know that 41% of Ireland’s electricty came from wind energy in January? The best month on record!.

Last month we investigated climate in Geography and became aware of the importance of the Earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources.

We decided to design wind farms to reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels using the Engineering Design Process. We created pulleys to add weight to our wind turbines in order to test their strength.

Take a look at our projects in the video below:

4th Class Project Presentations

The children from 4th class Rooms 23 & 24 have been learning with Lego WeDo 2.0 Science materials over the last few terms. They have recorded presentatons of their final projects. See how they have planned, designed, built, coded and debugged their projects.

What fantastic science & engineering skills, collaborative skills, presentation skills and coding skills they have developed!

You can also see a video of other projects they worked on.



4th Class Local History Walk

On Thursday 4th class got opportunity to visit Castleknock College as part of Local History and Geography week. We were lucky enough to be given a guided tour of the college grounds by 5th year students. We learned lots of interesting facts about the history of the school and even got to see the ruins of the castle on the hill up close! Thank you to Castleknock College for being so welcoming again this year.