Science Week in Room 2 Junior Infants

The girls and boys in Room 2 enjoyed science week last week. We conducted lots of experiments that were fun and interesting. We learned that fire needs oxygen to burn and we learned that plants absorb water from their roots and bring all the water all around the plant to survive. We experimented with magnets to see if objects were metal or non-metal and we also learned that some objects sink and some float in water.



Virtual DreamSpace visit for 6th class @MS_eduIRL

The remaining 6th classes took part in virtual STEM sessions with the DreamSpace team today. It was a fantastic experience for all the children. They learned lots about the world of STEM, mixed reality, artificial intelligence and also coded with MicroBits. Lots of complicated code was written and tested!
Thanks to Niamh and Michael of Microsoft DreamSpace for facilitating the sessions today. We look forward to hopefully making an actual visit some day soon.


Medal winner!

A big well done to Vincent from 5th class who took home three paralympic medals at the weekend, for javelin, shot put and discus!

Vincent’s Mum kindly agreed for us to share his picture below. What a fantastic achievement!