5th Class Choir in Mount Hybla

Some 5th class choir members were invited to Mount Hybla yesterday to sing carols for the residents.  They sang beautifully and some pupils did some solo performances . The video below shows a few short clips . We were delighted to be able to share some of our Christmas cheer and festive spirit with the elderly members of our community. It was a very special afternoon.

Thanks to Veronica  for inviting us and providing treats  for our pupils to enjoy afterwards and to Mr. Harrison and Ms. Regan who practiced with the children all last week.

Nativity in Mount Hybla

Ms. Ennis’ 1st class travelled by bus to Mount Hybla yesterday to perform their ABC Nativity Play for the residents. They received a great welcome and the audience loved their performance. We were very pleased to be able to share this play with the elder members of the community. Afterwards the children were treated to crisps and chocolate and they got to sit in some giant armchairs . Thank you to Veronica in Mount Hybla for inviting us and to Ms. Ennis and her class.

Junior Choir at the Fair

Last night there was great excitement when we saw some of our choir and Louis Murphy ( wasn’t he great ?)  on the Toy Show. It was a late to bed night but that didn’t stop our Junior Choir who were up early to sing at the school fair today.  They drew a big crowd as they sang several carols  from the stage at noon today. Well done Junior Choir and Mrs. Collins.

The Late Late Toy Show

Did you know 1.3 million people watched the toy show last year.  We are really excited about the show this Friday night. It is always a great show but this year, St, Brigid’s is represented by  Louis Murphy from 6th playing guitar and  Mrs. Williams and  a group of children from the Senior Choir  who are performing  “Someone You Loved “ by  Lewis Capaldi  at the end of the show.

PS The entire choir will be singing  carols in the Concert Hall  on Sunday 8th December.


Shoebox Appeal Last Days

This fortnight we hope to collect donations for the shoebox appeal. As last year we are collecting for the Inner City Helping Homeless in Dublin. Boxes can be for adults and children.

1. Pick a shoe box and it would be a great help if you could mark it male or female adult or child

2. Fill the shoebox from the list below

Tooth brush – Tooth Paste
Shampoo – Shower Gel
Roll On Deodorant
Hand Lotion
Wet Wipes – Tissues
Underwear – Socks
Hat – Scarf – Gloves
Deck of Cards – Book
Small Torch
Chocolate – Crisps – Sweets

and additional items that are suitable for children such as crayons, small toys , etc

Mouth wash
Hand Sanitizer – Hand Gel
Perfume – After Shave
Aerosol Deodorants – Aerosol cans of any type (hair spray – body spray)
Razor Blades

3. Do not seal the box as they need to be checked for suitability and safety

4. Send your shoeboxes to school  for the collection on Friday 22nd of November.

If you do not have a shoebox, place donated items in a ziploc bag and Ms. O’Brien will box and wrap them.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this cause again this year.