Bridgie’s Travels

I thought it was very appropriate to visit St.Brigid’s church in Castleknock today as it was St.Brigid’s day.

St.Brigid’s church has been in Castleknock a long long time. It was built around 220 years ago but it is believed that various different churches have been on this land for hundreds of years before this. It is famous for it’s stained glass window which was made by the world famous artist Harry Clarke in 1928.

Many people that live in Castleknock pass by the church everyday but some of them have never been inside. I’ve only been inside once myself for a wedding many years ago.

I find the grounds of the church to be a peaceful quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the village. Sometimes, I go for a wander around or simply sit on the steps in front of the church and take some time out from the busy life I lead.

Next time you’re passing you should take a look around. You’ll see great views of the village that you’ve never seen before and remember that people were walking on the very same ground as you hundreds of years ago!

See you tomorrow!