Bridgie’s Travels Monday 8th

Monday 8th Feb

Good morning boys and girls,

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I was really tired after all my adventures last week so I spent a lot of the weekend recharging my batteries…..I’m not actually one of those Teddies with batteries but you know what I mean!

I did find ANOTHER castle near our school on Saturday though!! Can you believe that?! No wonder Castleknock is called CASTLEknock!!

Perhaps you recognise Ashtown Castle from my picture. Maybe you’ve been there yourself? I did spot lots of children around and a playground nearby.

The castle you see in the picture is actually a small part of what the castle would have looked like when it was in use. Perhaps you’ve played chasing in the maze beside the castle?….Well did you know that the small bushes that make up the maze actually show us what the layout of the castle was like all those years ago! So each section is a room in the castle! That gives us a better idea of how big the castle was.

Can you find out any more facts about Ashtown Castle?

How far was I from the school ?

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