Bridgie Sitting on a Wall

Weds 10th

Good morning boys & girls,

As you can see from my picture, I’m sitting at the entrance to the Castleknock Court apartment complex. You might ask yourself ‘why is Bridgie sitting at the entrance to the Castleknock Court apartment complex?’

I’ll tell you why…..

Before our school moved to where it is today in 1971 (nearly 50 years ago) St.Brigid’s National School stood on the corner of Beechpark Avenue and the Castleknock Road (where the Castleknock Court apartments are now).

You can see a picture below of how the old school looked long ago and I’ve also included a picture of the principals of the school. They were a married couple called Mr. & Mrs. Friel and they were called the Master and the Mistress. They lived upstairs in the school ! Can you believe that?!

Mrs.Friel was in charge of the girls and Mr.Friel was in charge of the boys. Boys and girls went in separate entrances and there was even a fence in the yard separating the boys from the girls. Eventually the boys and girls schools were joined together!

In the old school, the children used to hang their sandwiches on hooks on the wall so the rats wouldn’t nibble them!!

Can you think of 5 ways that school nowadays is different to school long ago?