6th Class on Tour

6th class went on tour today to CP Adventures in Blessington lakes. They were all SOOOOOOOOOO  excited to go on tour after enduring two lockdowns,  social distancing, pods and bubbles during this their school year. They have given up so much and never complained. We hope they are having a memorable and fun day.  More pictures will follow !

Summer Camp


We are delighted to announce the Summer Camp for pupils from Junior Infs  to 6th class will go ahead this year.

It will run for 7 days from Thursday July 1st  to Friday 9th.

Application forms and further information will be given to all pupils next week.

Due to Covid  numbers will be restricted  so please  return the application form as soon as possible.

School Calendar 2021.22

The dates for the.school closures for the coming years 2021/22 have now been decided.


Term 1

Re-opening:  Tuesday August 31st, 2021

October:  Mid Term: Closed Monday, October 25th to Friday, October 29th inclusive (1 week)

Christmas Holidays: Closing at noon on Wednesday, December 22nd.            Re opening : Thursday, January 6th, 2022

Term 2

February Mid Term: Closed Thursday, February 24th and Friday, February 25th (2 days)

St. Patrick’s Weekend: Closed Thursday, March 17th and Friday, March 18th (2 days)

Easter Holidays: Closing at noon on Friday, April 8th   Re-opening: Monday 25th April

Term 3

May Bank Holiday:  Closed Monday 2nd May

June  Break : Closed Monday, June 6th to Friday June 10th inclusive (1 week)

Closing for Summer at noon on Thursday June 30th   2022

Close Contacts at School

We want to clarify what is expected when your child has been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case where the contact was in made through school .

A. Day 1 is considered to be the first day after your child had contact with the confirmed case.  We currently have a  class closure and for these pupils, who already have been informed, day 1  was Saturday, May 15th 

 As soon as you are told under the direction of the HSE, that your child is considered a close contact you should restrict your child’s movements AND take him/her for a test. If the result is negative your child should still continue to restrict his/her movements.

B. **** Ten days after you child was in contact with the confirmed case, you should take them for a SECOND TEST .

*** For the current cohort of children restricting their movements , this test should be done on Monday, May 24th. **

Once you receive a negative result your child can then return to school provided they have no symptoms.

C. If you do not have your child tested at day 10 they cannot return to school until 14 days have passed from the last day of contact with the confirmed case.

For the current cohort of children restricting their movements , that would be  Monday, May 31st .  The actual dates were given to us by the HSE this week.

In summary, restricting movements is for 14 days from the last contact or after receiving a negative test result taken ten days after the last contact.

This also applies to any pupils identified as close contacts in an after school setting.

Thank you all for your co operation and understanding.

Further information is here

Saying Goodbye

We had to say SLÁN  to four pupils in Brigid’s today.

Lauren is so lucky to be moving to Mayo next week. She will get to spend time on the Wild Atlantic Way and her  Dublin friends will love to visit such a beautiful place !

Katie,  Archie and Lauren Walsh are  just moving down the road really, to Dunshaughlin so their friends will still see them  loads but we will miss having them at school everyday.

It was lovely having these children in our school and we wish them the very best in their new homes and schools.


Lauren with her pod !

Archie with his pod AND  a giant card!

Katie with her pod and a lovely balloon

Lauren with her pod