Robotics Workshops Rooms 27 & 28

The children from Rooms 27 & 28 took part in a fantastic robotics  workshop today working with Lego materials to create and program robots.

Thank you to the facilitators from Creative Hut  and Think Big Space for two very engaging sessions.

They also brought along an amazing Lego robot that was built and programmed to complete the Rubric Cube for the children to see!


5th class tour

On Wednesday morning, the children in 5th class headed off on their school tour to Croke Park. They toured the grounds of  the stadium, visited the dressing rooms, learned lots of historical facts relating to events held in the stadium and even spent time in the commentary stand!

After a quick bite to eat and a chance to kick a ball and hit a sliotar, they headed off JumpZone for some fantastic fun in the inflatable adventure park.



Food Dudes Phase 2

Well done everyone on participating in the Food Dudes initiative over the last 6 weeks.

Even though we aren’t getting fruit and vegetables delivered each morning, doesn’t mean we have stopped trying to eat healthily. Phase 2 is now in action! This means that it is up to us to bring fruit and vegetables to school in our special Food Dudes lunchboxes.

We are really impressed with the efforts made by everyone so far and we will continue to track the healthy eating habits of each class. We are receiving special certificates for making an effort to bring healthy snacks into school each day.  We are definitely beating the Junk Punks!

Sphero Art in 6th Class

The children in Room 32 recently completed some fabulous art work using Sphero robots as part of their STEM projects. They created paintings in the style of the artist Jackson Pollack using Spheros instead of brushes! They controlled the robots using the Sphero Edu app on iPads.


2nd class tour to Causey Farm

A great day was had by the children from 2nd class in the bog today!

Second class travelled to Causey Farm in Co. Meath today. The children had fantastic fun meeting an array of animals, befriending chickens and feeding the alpacas. They created huge bubbles, made wishes at the wishing bell and best of all they got to take a tractor-trailer ride to the bog where the fun and laughter continued.

Bionics Hands in Room 23

We have been learning about ‘Human Life’. We explored and investigated how people move their bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Using our STEM skills we created Bionic Hands made out of cardboard, string, straws and rubber bands. Our design task involved understanding the function of the fingers and the importance of the thumb, to grab or hold objects with different shapes and forms. We tested them by drinking a glass of water and throwing something into a bin.